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FDA: Modeling, simulation offer opportunity to advance public health

August 16, 2018

CMS resumes ACA payments for insurers

July 26, 2018
CMS recently rescinded its decision to stop further collections or payments under the risk adjustment program. The permanent risk adjustment program was established…

Vivli launches data-sharing platform to advance clinical research

July 19, 2018
The nonprofit organization Vivli launched a new data-sharing and analytics platform today that will advance clinical research by streamlining the process to discover…
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Current Shingrix vaccination schedule unlikely cost-effective

July 9, 2018
Last year, the Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices made a recommendation to vaccinate adults aged 50 years and older with the new recombinant adjuvanted zoster…
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Tamiflu lowers odds of secondary H3N2 infection in LTCF outbreaks

June 25, 2018
In one Canadian province, for every day that passed from the start of an influenza A (H3N2) outbreak in long-term care facilities to the initiation of Tamiflu, the odds…
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Association of Comorbid Burden and Patient Outcomes of Residents With Dementia in Jordanian Nursing Homes

Journal of Gerontological Nursing, July 2018, Volume 44 Issue 7
Medical and psychiatric comorbidity in individuals with dementia is often associated with serious adverse health…
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Sleep Disturbances in Elderly Patients: June 2018

AKH Inc., Advancing Knowledge in Healthcare and Psychiatric Annals

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VIDEO: CPX-351 improves outcomes for elderly patients with high-risk AML

June 20, 2016
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